Learn to create these spring garden themed decorated biscuits.

Classes are taught with a downloadable booklet and basic skills and techniques videos available on The Biscuit Barn website.


You will learn:

– How to make perfect royal icing

– 2 different biscuit recipes

– How to outline and flood a biscuit

– Wet-on-wet decorating technique

– How to pipe letters and text


The designs included in the class are:

  • Flower
  • Leaf
  • Bird
  • Watering Can
  • Ladybug
  • ‘Hello Spring’


You will need basic baking ingredients to make the biscuits and icing, as well as Meri-white or egg white powder (this can be found in most supermarkets).

Meri-white can be purchased from most cake supply retailers and I would recommend Rainbow Dust colours for colouring your royal icing.

I would also recommend CakeStuff for all of the decorating supplies.


Tools :
For the biscuits: stand mixer(optional), a rolling pin, a sharp knife for hand cutting the biscuit shapes, baking trays and greaseproof paper.

For the icing: stand mixer or hand mixer, bowls to mix and colour the icing, spoons, disposable piping bags(the cheapest ones are perfect for this), food colouring and food clips to seal the piping bags(optional).


If you have access to a 3D printer and would like to print your own biscuit cutters, the files for the cutters are available to purchase through the Biscuit Cutters section of The Biscuit Barn website.

All of these tools can be replaced with other details.

Happy Decorating!

*Classes are not for reteaching as per Terms & Conditions as they are owned by The Biscuit Barn and are protected by copy rights with regard to reteaching.*

Spring Garden Decorating Class

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