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Biscuit Cutter Files


The STL listing is for purchasing NON-COMMERCIAL ONE TIME USE ONLY .stl files (digital biscuit cutter files), not a physical product.
We DO NOT provide any slicer software settings or technical support as all brands of software and 3d printers are different.

Download will be available automatically.

By purchasing this listing the buyer agrees to and is bound by the following terms:

*The .stl files and design remain the copyrighted property of The Biscuit Barn.
*The .stl files and design may NOT BE SHARED, REPLICATED or MODIFIED in any form.
*The .stl files and design may NOT BE UPLOADED to any public share site.
*The .stl files may be printed one time per design/size purchased.

Buyer may:
*Print .stl file a single time for personal use

Any and all violations of the above terms will result in legal action.

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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